Two-Spirited People of Manitoba Inc.

Alaya McIvor, Co-Director

     Prior to 1987, most indigenous lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in North America were relatively invisible within their own communities and remained on the fringes of the gay liberation movement. In 1988, the first alcohol and drug-free gathering of Native American and Canadian Aboriginal LGBT people was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Participants from across North America committed to continue sharing their experiences and cultures by hosting future gatherings in their respective regions. 

         At the 1990 gathering near Beausejour, Manitoba, Myra Laramee introduced the term "Two-Spirit", which was quickly adopted by many of the participants. The new name, with its cultural and spiritual dimensions, became a phenomenon that launched today's Two-Spirit liberation movement.  While many indigenous LGBT youth are choosing to be defined as Two-Spirit people, others choose not to label themselves and others continue to embrace terms like gay, queer, etc. which originate in the broader LGBT liberation movement. 

Harmony Knott, Co-Director

Connie Merasty, Co-Director

Peetanacoot Nenakawekapo, Co-Director

Kelly Houle, Co-Director

Albert McLeod, Co-Director

Barbara Bruce and Doctor Myra Laramee

Keeping the Fires Burning Award Recipients 2012

Our Workshops:

* Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

            * Understanding Two-Spirit People * Updates on HIV/AIDS in Canada  

            * Anti-homophobia Training

* Beading and traditional craft-making

Experienced facilitators are available to present workshops about Two-Spirit (Aboriginal lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people from a historical and contemporary perspective. 

Surviving and Thriving...

Many Two-Spirit people overcome racism, homophobia and transphobia to live full, meaningful lives. We contribute to the knowledge and skills of our communities and to Canadian society. Two-Spirit people flourish as... 

Artists >< First Nation Chiefs >< Professors >< Physicians

Writers >< Social Workers >< Elders >< Pipe Carriers

Politicians >< Civil Servants >< Pow Wow Dancers 

School Teachers >< Nurses >< Human Rights Activists

Film Makers >< Foster Parents